Sunday, December 30, 2012


I've been busy painting our new digs: Titus has been helping me of course, and things are starting to take shape.
I'm really excited about all the light we have in our new space.
As usual, things are taking a tiny bit longer than planned, but the excitement propels us every morning to drive into town and jump right back into action.

I'm planning to re-open around January 7th, if everything goes according to plan. In the midst of this all the projects have just kept rolling in, so I expect another busy year in 2013.

Thanks to all our friends again for all of our fantastic adventures in framing in 2012! It was an exciting year that led to the decision to expand La Linea Bella! -- and to move my own studio back into town.

Plans for the front of the new space are also starting to take shape, and we have our first art show at LLB planned for February.

Stay tuned for details, and we will see you soon!

Beate & Titus

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Atelier 1 & Atelier 2 -- coming in January:

Things are taking shape. I am beyond the mind boggling stage of what-ifs and everything is falling into place.
We are officially moving and expanding into the adjacent space on Allied Street!

 The front of the new store will house a working gallery/studio occupied by Stephen Endres, a Master Portrait Artist based in Charlottesville. You'll be able to visit him there, see his new work, and follow his creative progress. His work & skills are awesome, I think you'll really enjoy his studio. He'll be there by appointment or by chance, your pick.

The rear of the new space will house our expanding workshop and I myself will move my studio into the back of the main part of La Linea Bella so I can start working on your commissions and other art again -- and catch up on some one-on-one time with the other side of my brain.

We're really excited and are looking forward to putting the connecting doorways back in.
(Thanks in advance to my wonderful & skilled other half who has been by my side helping me plan this move and who has graciously agreed to aid in the remodeling process!)

All of these buildings on Allied were connected at some time and you can completely tell that they are beckoning to be re-connected. There is a tremendous creative energy over in this area, I hope you'll come and check it out some time. Word is that there is a great new consignment clothing store moving next door (Welcome Melissa!) to join the rest of the creative clan at McIntire Plaza.

More info to follow as we begin moving and expanding the gallery.

Happy Holidays! Much work to do, rolling up my sleeves.
Growth and more (creative) growth. Always a welcome thing!