Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cheers to a beautiful 2014!

At La Linea Bella we know that a new year brings a whole new set of excitement, progress and wonderful adventures. We're starting our year with some TLC for the shop after a super busy holiday season.

We wish you the best for 2014 and we look forward to seeing you at LLB and Atelier ONE in the new year! We'll have it stocked with fab new artisanal goods and great new gifts and we'll be refreshed and ready for new creative challenges.

 If you are getting married or know someone who is, come and visit us at the Bridal Expo in January to check out our ideas about wedding and engagement memento and photo framing.
For a special reduced admission coupon please stop by La Linea Bella by January 17th.

 We will also try to link this event to a special jewelry trunk show 
by KiraKira just in time for Valentine's Day!
Ciao, and as we say in German: "Guten Rutsch ins Neue Jahr!"


NEW: Tsi-La Super Natural Perfumes

NEW: LURK Natural Hand Blended Perfume Oils

NEW: C'Ville's ByCary Artisanal Marble Coasters and Trivets.

We always welcome orchids at LLB!

Staple on our wall of samples: Roma Gianni Mouldings.

Visit our website at

and don't forget to pop by on Facebook!

La Linea Bella! Fantastic Framing & Art
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

"Small" - it's such a BIG word!

A week from now is "Small Business Saturday".

We hope you will join us in celebrating this country's huge community of vibrant creative businesses that contribute and give back so much to places like Charlottesville.

"Small"... Of course, no one likes to think of him- or herself as being "small". No way!
After all, what your neighboring creative, passionate and dedicated small business owners with successful venues have accomplished over the years can hardly be categorized as being "small". Charlottesville has a huge number of those talented hard working folks who never seem to stop growing new ideas. They seem to pop out of the ground like chia seeds (or vineyards) around here! 
And all of those ideas, they are completely tailored to address what you need, love and are looking for.

I opened La Linea Bella ! almost three years ago on a teensy budget, but with a huge heart full of dreams, 20 years of knowledge, many visions, and a ginormous amount of passion for a craft that I absolutely love and surround myself with every day. And with an huge amount of love and support from my wonderful clients. (Thank you!) And we just seem to keep growing ... in fact, just today we came home with a huge truck load of new equipment that I am going to install tomorrow in the workshop -- all the better to frame with! We are always looking for new ways to improve our services and to make things faster, more efficient and just plain better!

On this coming Small Business Saturday and all throughout December, join us as we celebrate the shop, the gallery, our craft and our wonderful neighbors and friends who have contributed so much to the beauty that we enjoy in our lives.

Here are just a few of the businesses and individuals who have contributed to our inspiration on so many days and that we salute and give thanks to this week and on this day:

... and there are so-so many more!

Have a wonderful holiday and please join us next Saturday for 

-20% off throughout the store, including jewelry
-an open house in the gallery from 12 - 2
(meet our resident artist Kay Taylor who is taking over the gallery as her studio for a few months!)

 - and home made treats to recharge you for 
the rest of the shopping season...

... all as a way to tell you THANK YOU! for being so wonderful!

See you then!


 1718 Allied Street
Charlottesville, VA 22903

(434) 244-3050

Open Tues. - Sat.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ready for the holidays?

Well, it's pretty obvious how Titus feels about the holidays...
We love them too, and we are ready!

The Christmas rush has already started and we'd just like to shoot you a reminder that there are only three weeks after Thanksgiving before folks like little Titus are expecting to find something extra special under their tree. We will be taking special orders for holiday projects through about December 13th, and we will be available to help you with last minute in stock items till as close to the 24th as we are able to.

What are some of our clients' favorite gifts to create with us?

-Shadow boxes
-Framed (and preserved) vintage family photos
-Framed needle points
-Framed children's art
-Mementos from a trip
-Special or family holiday cards
and so much more!

Everything we create is made locally in our workshop on the premises.
There is convenient extra parking in the back lot for those of you who cannot find parking on the street.
And we do have some great last minute surprise gifts scattered all over the store, like jewelry and photo frames.

We will be open on Black Friday as well as the Saturday after that.
In fact, Atelier ONE Gallery sets up for our resident Winter artist, pet photographer Kay Taylor, on that weekend. Stop by and see what's new if you are in our neck of the woods! 

See you soon and have a warm and joyous season! 


KiraKira - WHITLEY Designs - Roma Moulding Photo Frames - Fred Levering Woodworks - Dave Krovetz Wood Turnings - Cartolina Cards - Red Cap  - Maxxi Frames - LaVille Reclaimed Wood Frames - Prisma Moulding - Titus The Teckel and more!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why the heck do we frame anyway?

1900's silver mesh purse.

Since I opened La Linea Bella I've had many discussions with younger folks about why you'd ever want to frame things well or why you'd even spend money on it when you could just "slap some glass and wood on your art" in order to get it up on the wall.

LLB is located in an area where there is an interesting juxtaposition of  craftsmen creating wonderful hand crafted new goods and great shops that specialize in recycling or up-cycling goods that have been loved already and now are looking for a new home.

In our new world of constant changes, reclaimed vintage goods, often short lived new purchases and sometimes a lack of attachment to one's belongings, it's important not to forget that some of those relics or pieces of art are a part of our history and deserve to be treated kindly in order to survive and keep telling their story - perhaps even for maybe another hundred years or more!

Good framing is a craft. 
A good framer cares about framing art in order to protect and preserve it and to provide for it's longevity.  And most framers value and love (love!) beauty, good aesthetics and art and find it their mission to help you add that beauty to your home and your life simply by guiding you through the sometimes overwhelming world of wonderful choices. We're here to help you find that one choice that's just right for you and that you (and maybe your family) will love forever.
And that's why we framers like to invest in good, acid free materials, well-made mouldings, interesting classic or contemporary designs, a gentle treatment of your art and glass that helps shield your artwork from the damaging rays of the sun - and in doing things well!

I hope that, no matter what stage in your life you are in right now, you will help preserve (y)our history,  prints, paintings, photographs, plaques, wedding mementos, needle works, antique maps, etc. for many generations to come. And while you're doing that, we're here for you and in addition to that would like to add some sparkle, interest and color to your walls -  and maybe even provide you with a really great conversation piece!

Thanks for choosing us as your "creative partners in crime framing" & see you soon!


Friday, October 11, 2013

New Project

Favorite project this month: 

Antique Chinese Carved Jade Shadowbox.

Click on image to see the project.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Fall and there is so much happening!

Seems like everyone is slowly waking from the summer heat, including the colors on the trees and in the sky. Just look at this view I had just this week:

I have a very interesting new project in the works in the studio/workshop, photos will be posted soon.

Thanks to the Daily Progress and Work it, C-Ville for this week's feature on me. 

And thanks to all who came out to welcome Donna Clark on her opening night.
The show will be up until the end of the month, don't miss it, it is lovely and I've had several returning visitors already who come into the gallery and just take it all in while quietly sitting on or comfy settee. 
(It's especially great on a rainy day like today.)

New oils

October 3rd - 30th at Atelier ONE.

October Newsletters are headed out soon, make sure to sign up on our website if you'd like to partake in this month's special offer.

See you soon!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thank you!

We wanted to thank everyone for their great enthusiasm and fantastic feedback we've received in the past few weeks: I don't know if it's the super weather or the especially wonderful projects we've been working on, but we love it!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

This week's favorite project: Antique pearl necklace (1800's)

This Tiffany's necklace stems from the 1800's.
It has been passed down from generation to generation and is about to be passed down again to the next daughter in line.

The delicate pearl beading has decayed a bit over the years, and when every jeweler my client approached declined to repair it, our friend & local jeweler Lynne Goldman sent her to La Linea Bella! so we could safely preserve it in a beautiful shadow box.

My client chose the navy silk to show off the pearls and the detail of the necklace (and to give it a royal touch:) and we chose to display it's history beside it.
My client chose this soft gold Larson Juhl moulding to pick up some of the design featured in the necklace. And the invisible Museum glazing keeps any glare to a minimum.

She was pleased as punch when she came to give the final approval before we sealed up the box.
We now say: "Bon voyage!" to the necklace as it is displayed with much joy and pride in it's new home, and we wonder who the next lucky girl is who inherits it next?

See you next time for another special project! (We enjoy these the most!)


Saturday, August 17, 2013

This week's favorite project: Antique Chinese jade belt.

Hand carved Jade belt.
Chinese artifact.

Gently stitched to Salt Grass silk matting.
Max Moulding rusted red frame,
And Museum glazing, of course.

Our head of quality control Titus approves.

Friday, June 28, 2013

First peek at the results!

Oscar, the mascot, inspiration & poster child for the event!
See Oscar's story here.

A first peek at the results from our recent fund drive!

Thanks to everyone (furry or not) who participated!

We were able to raise a really nice amount of money for the wonderful 
V.E.T.S.S. Good Sam Fund and managed to have a fantastic time too!

View Oscar's story here as an inspiration why this fund can be helpful. 
Luckily he had so many supporters that he did not need to be helped by this fund, but there are countless critters who are in need of emergency care who do depend on the Good Sam Fund when they are hurt. Thanks to V.E.T.S.S and the many people who have contributed to the fund and who continue to make it grow!

Sweet Nuna 

Thanks to everyone for happily sitting and smiling so well!

Elegant Sophie

We hope to host another event like this some time in the future.

See you all soon and thank you again from all of us!

Beate, Kay and Sara

All images are copyright 2013 Sheridan Avenue Studios and may not be reproduced without our permission. Thanks!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Join our party for Titus and V.E.T.S.S.

Guess who is turning ONE?


Please join us on 

Saturday, June 22nd, 12:30 - 4 p.m.
for his very own first birthday party!

Well, actually he's sharing: 
we invite you to join us in supporting the V.E.T.S.S. Good Samaritan Fund. 
(More info on our Facebook page.)

-Sip a glass of Dachshund Riesling or chilled champers.
-Nibble on some delicious cupcakes generously baked for us and donated to this cause by Cappellino's Crazy Cakes.
-Enjoy a goody bag stuffed with treats and goodies! 
Provided by us at LLB, our friends at V.E.T.S.S. and 
goodies generously donated by The Animal Connection.
-And if you were one of the lucky ones who signed up in time:
you'll have your furry companion's portrait taken by Kay Taylor of Sheridan Avenue Studios!

Thank you to all of Titus's wonderful friends for their generous support of this wonderful cause.
We all know how valuable V.E.T.S.S. is should something happen to our best friends (whether feathered, scaly or fuzzy). Personally, I am deeply grateful to Dr. Sara Salmon for a whole other reason. She was a great source of inspiration and support during the birth and opening of La Linea Bella!
I know she's made a great impression on so many of you, and I know how much she is revered and loved around here. So all the more reason to be excited that we can support her wonderful cause.

See you all on Saturday: I know Titus is excited, he's been waiting for his cupcake all week!

xo Beate

Summer Gilding

What do you do when it rains every day and it seems that all of your co-townies have fled to the beach? A) You are allowed to be jealous for about 30 minutes. B) You quickly get over it and you start organizing and catching up, and sooner than you know in your rummaging-around you find something that just beckons to be refinished by your idle hands! (Well, at least that happens to me.)

I hang on to old frames and pick them up at antique stores, which are aplenty around here.

A dear client recently brought me his collection of gold leaf from the 60's to play with.
(Collected during his wild years as an abstract/figurative avant garde painter in New York):

So play in the studio I did!

The first frame I tackled was a white ornate 70's "plastique" frame.

I gave him a distressed gold leafed look with some verdigris, specks and chips.

Next this Tibetan carved wood frame. I let the warm wood tones come through the finish in the end, with a light green contrast wash.

Last but not least: these old pressed tin frames found new finishes as well: under-coats of purple, green and Chinese orange were followed by a distressed random gold leaf treatment, showing some of the under-color, followed by an antique wash, verdigris, specks, a light dusting of rottenstone -- and a gentle polish with some steel wool.


Time well spent, don't you think?

See you soon !

(PS: It's usually not as busy in the summer, so if you have a special project on your agenda, it's a great time to bring it in for us to tackle it creatively.)



Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beyond the Gates, 2013

Please join us on June 8th, 10 - 4


in Keswick.

It's a great event, and after you tour the beautiful historic properties on the list, there will be food at the Fair and many family friendly activities as well as many of your favorite local artists -- and it benefits many of your favorite local causes!

I will bring new hand made frames fresh from the studio and new decorative items from the shop.

See you on Saturday! 

(Our own LLB will be closed that day in order to attend!)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Extended! Kay Taylor's "Sheridan Avenue Tails" at Atelier ONE.

We've had such a positive response to Kay's show that I have decided to ask her whether we can extend the show through the end of June! It's been so much fun to have these guys at the gallery, I am excited that I get to host them for another month.

In the mean time, we're working on some very special shots of Titus. You can find those on his Facebook page. If you're not a fan yet, pop over there to see how much fun he's having -- and we are too! Kay's eye and skills with the camera are really amazing. Here is Titus a la Warhol.

If you have not had the chance to pop by and see the show, Atelier ONE is open Tuesdays - Saturdays. 
And Kay has provided us with plenty of her popular note cards too so that you can share the show with your friends.

See you soon and thanks for all of your wonderful comments and compliments on the show.
Keep posting those so that we know how much you love her work!