Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our best Winter treat!

Featured on The Chalkboard this week:

SkinOwl's all natural organic GERANIUM beauty drops, available at LLB.

My mother swears by the Clary Sage drops, these organic Argan infusions are an amazing treat for your tired or dry-ish winter skin!

THE CHALKBOARD writes: "If you’ve never used geranium oil or a geranium-scented product, do yourself a favor and try it out ASAP. The scent is floral like rose, but spicy and dry at the same time. Therapeutically speaking, the scent is totally uplifting, and that’s just what it’ll do for your skin as well. 
These Beauty Drops from SkinOwl make the perfect solution for confusing skin that might be feeling upset and dry at the same time. The oil isn’t too rich, while still fighting signs of aging, and gets skin glowing right away. We love this for a great-smelling night time ritual."
Check out more about LLB's line of SKINOWL products here and stay tuned for an amazing brand new product, arriving next month!
(Or pop by our gallery for a sample.)
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