Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Style Advice by Titus - Framing with Black and White.

Who said that framing with black and/or white has to be bland?
 No way!

Framing with a simple black (or white) moulding makes it easy to integrate your art into your environment, 
and lets the art speak for itself.

A clean, well-hung black and white gallery can be a strong statement, and interspersed with some of your favorite mementos it can become an eye-popping experience.

Stairs especially lend themselves to hanging 
black and white family or art galleries:

Vary the size and shape of your art for more added interest:

Or keep it simple and clean:

Set off your wall color with a pop of white
and some interesting shapes:

Or use white to add some whimsy:

We have LOADS of white and black frames to choose from and are always happy to help you design a home gallery like this one we framed for a Charlottesville home a few years ago:

And last (but not least!) don't forget that you can camouflage your secret doorways with a fantastic frame:

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