Friday, February 22, 2013

A day at "La Linea Bella !", photos by Amy Benoit.

Talented C-Ville photographer Amy Benoit spent the day at La Linea Bella last month. Even though she was under the weather, she was as cheerful and creative as always.

If you haven't been to La Linea Bella: It's Charlottesville's latest addition to a very eclectic group of really great framing galleries. We're lucky to have to much creative energy in one spot for all of these creative businesses to do their magic.

LLB opened her doors in May of 2011. I have a long history of love for framing. In fact, I've been framing for 20 years now. I graduated from the Corcoran College of Art & Design in Washington, D.C. in 1991, where I specialized in printmaking. When I returned to Charlottesville from a one year hiatus on the Outer Banks, framing was the perfect profession to sink my teeth into and I received my initial training at the oldest frame shop in Charlottesville.
I ended up managing another creative frame gallery here in Charlottesville, until in 2010 I decided to focus my energy on my own dream venue, La Linea Bella. It's been a great adventurous trip, a lot of diligent work -- and a lot of fun! In January of this year I took over and expanded into the old "Mystery in  Common" place next door to me and I added a light filled gallery in the front of my new space, I am still in the process of hand finishing the floor in the gallery, it's a work of love in progress, just like everything else at LLB.
Atelier ONE @ LLB is to house art by new local or regional talent.
The rear houses my new expanded open workshop, which I am really excited about.

I look forward to the next 20 years of framing and art adventures and hope you'll join me along the way!

(La Linea Bella is now the home of LLB, Casati Art Studio and Atelier ONE @LLB.)

Amy Benoit, who came to follow me around the workshop this past month, has an amazing eye for color and a wonderful warm sense of humor. And she moves so quietly and quickly around you, you don't even know her keen eye is following you along the way.
Amy usually photographs sweet couples and wee ones, which makes working with her so much fun and so much less intimidating and explains her fresh eye and take on things.

It takes a lot for this busy-bee German to hold still long enough for any photograph. I think Amy captured the spirit of the entire venue so well. It's nice to see it from another view like this sometimes. Thank you Amy for a fantastic visit!

Cheers & Cin Cin to everyone else: to a fantastic 2013,


La Linea Bella !

Atelier ONE @ LLB:

In the background: my mascot, Luna the goat.

My companion: magical Titus the Teckel, head of security at LLB -- and chief stylist:

See you soon!!!! Thanks for taking a peek!

Copyright 2013 La Linea Bella ! Fantastic Framing & Art, Charlottesville, VA

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Did you know? 

In China, purple represents spiritual awareness, physical and mental healing, strength and 

abundance. A red purple  symbolizes luck and fame. 

The Chinese word for purple, zi, is connected with the North Star, Polaris, or zi Wei in 


In Japan, purple is the color of privilege and wealth, the color associated with the Japanese

 aristocracy. The word for purple is murasaki, which is also the name of the wisteria flower.

In Europe and America, purple is the color most associated with individualism.

Well, there you have it! At LLB we do love purple... among all the other wonderful colors 

out there.