Friday, March 21, 2014

Pampered pet? A look behind the scenes:

Recently, our Chief Style Consultant Titus was part of a really lovely blog post by the The Scout Guide.

It was titled "In Praise of the Pampered Pet" and it featured some of The Scout Guide's own alongside other famous (pampered) shop dogs or favorite pets. We loved it and he was super flattered to be a part of it!!

Here's that shot of Titus again, pictured with his favorite ROMA Moulding  basket weave LA TRECCHIA frames (reminds us of a little basket for him to sleep in), and this photo (well, the two photos actually) was taken by Kay Taylor of Sheridan Avenue Studios.
Bow tie courtesy ReThreads Charlottesville (that's where we find or special order the best ties for him!).

But our little man Titus wanted to set the record straight. About being "pampered", that is.

The truth is, when Titus is not modeling or guarding the shop, or helping you design that one super-fab piece you won't ever to be able to live without again, he is hard at work and  helps us out in the workshop, diligently building frames and tending to other important parts of the process. See?

He is an awesome frame builder and thought it was important that you knew how irreplaceable he is at La Linea Bella ! and how much he loves being a part of it all.

So the next time you pop by LLB, give him a pat on the shoulder and go tour the workshop with him. He surely deserves the pat, and he'd love to show you around!

See you soon!

Beate & Titus

c/2014 La linea Bella ! Fantastic Framing & Art - Charlottesville, VA

Properly storing your art

Every week I get this question: How do I properly store my art?

Everyone knows the sadness that comes over them when they pull out that diploma they thought they had safely stashed away in that cardboard tube in order to frame it later on. It's now half yellow, half white, and irreparably curled for eternity.
Or the now leopard-pattern-spotted (foxed) print of Paris that you "safely" put away in between two sheets of cardboard in your attic or basement five years ago, hoping to frame it when you moved into that new house with more wall space.
Not to mention those irreplaceable family photos from the 70's, showing your parents in denim bell-bottoms and furry "fros" at some great outdoor festival in Colorado (I guess you just got a glance into my past;).
Once they're cracked and faded you'l never get those back. (The photos, not the parents.)

What could have prevented such malheurs?

Here's what I recommend (and it's so easy!):

-Go to your local art supply dealer.
-Purchase some acid free foam core and cut two pieces slightly larger than your art.
(Rag board will do, but it will bend more easily.)
-Purchase some glassine paper or acid free tissue.
-Cut your foam board into two pieces, approximately 1" larger than your art. 
-Fold the acid free tissue/glassine in half and insert your art in between. Then gently fold the rest of the tissue around the three outer edges of the art to safely encapsulate the art. Insert in between your foam board, tape the edges to hold the boards/folder together (NOT masking tape, preferably chose an acid free tape) and "Voila!", you can now store your art. NOT in your attic or basement where there is a lot of fluctuation in temperature and humidity, but in a dry, low-lit space or closet or, actually, underneath your bed is totally fine: wherever you have some air circulation to keep your art dry and unexposed to humidity (or gnawing pets - we've seen it all...).

If you are a print collector like me and you store a lot of art, invest in some acid free print folders/boxes. For serious moisture control, use some Silicone paper.
And for photos, you can purchase special acid free storage boxes. (Purchase all these here.)

If you encounter any damage from improper storage, we recommend consulting a paper conservator to repair as much of the damage as possible. Our favorite resident Charlottesville paper magicians are Robert and Martha Orton of Blue Ridge Book Conservation and I'm happy to tell you more about them and sing their praises, just give me a call or pop by with your art.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the best form of storage: 
Beautiful conservation-minded archival framing!
Not only are you storing your art or documents, you are enjoying them at the same time while they beautify your home and even turn some heads. 

See you soon, I hope this was helpful!
Shoot me any other questions you may have that we can share here.


c/2014 La Linea Bella ! Fantastic Framing & Art, Charlottesville, VA. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tsi La Natural Perfumes for Spring

Spring is almost here, and it's time to let your nose do some work again!

A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.
 Christian Dior

Stepping outside should be fun again soon, and I cannot wait to smell the scents of spring.
Just like colors, scents do amazing things: the evoke memories and the enliven the senses. They can also affect your mood and therefore how your day will unfold.

Just like our wonderful line of LURK perfumes, Tsi-La does this naturally.

Holistic aromatherapists, botanical formulators, and organic advocates Natalie Szapowalo and model Annie Morton founded Tsi~La Organics with the goal of offering pure and natural perfumes and skin care products that benefit your overall well-being. 

With 40 years of combined experience in the fashion and beauty industry, as well as extensive studies in natural health sciences, shiatsu and aromatherapy , Natalie and Annie created their "Green Luxury" Tsi~La product line as a healthy alternative to a predominately synthetic market. 

Pure organic products = Pure organic beauty 

Tsi-La's Living Flower Organic Perfumes:

  • 100% Flower and Plant Based
  • Plant Essences And Raw Organic Oils
  • Super-Fruit And Phytonutrient Infused
  • Ultra-Pure Natural Ingredients
  • Vitamins And Minerals
  • Zero Synthetic Chemicals
  • Preservative and Colorant Free


Stop by and explore our line of all natural, organic Tsi-La fragrances. 
They are a big step above and a bit more refined than the sandalwood and patchouli versions of other more earthy natural alternatives.

I love them and they've become a staple in my day.

Bring your nose and come in to check them out!

Charlottesville, Virginia