Friday, June 28, 2013

First peek at the results!

Oscar, the mascot, inspiration & poster child for the event!
See Oscar's story here.

A first peek at the results from our recent fund drive!

Thanks to everyone (furry or not) who participated!

We were able to raise a really nice amount of money for the wonderful 
V.E.T.S.S. Good Sam Fund and managed to have a fantastic time too!

View Oscar's story here as an inspiration why this fund can be helpful. 
Luckily he had so many supporters that he did not need to be helped by this fund, but there are countless critters who are in need of emergency care who do depend on the Good Sam Fund when they are hurt. Thanks to V.E.T.S.S and the many people who have contributed to the fund and who continue to make it grow!

Sweet Nuna 

Thanks to everyone for happily sitting and smiling so well!

Elegant Sophie

We hope to host another event like this some time in the future.

See you all soon and thank you again from all of us!

Beate, Kay and Sara

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