Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why the heck do we frame anyway?

1900's silver mesh purse.

Since I opened La Linea Bella I've had many discussions with younger folks about why you'd ever want to frame things well or why you'd even spend money on it when you could just "slap some glass and wood on your art" in order to get it up on the wall.

LLB is located in an area where there is an interesting juxtaposition of  craftsmen creating wonderful hand crafted new goods and great shops that specialize in recycling or up-cycling goods that have been loved already and now are looking for a new home.

In our new world of constant changes, reclaimed vintage goods, often short lived new purchases and sometimes a lack of attachment to one's belongings, it's important not to forget that some of those relics or pieces of art are a part of our history and deserve to be treated kindly in order to survive and keep telling their story - perhaps even for maybe another hundred years or more!

Good framing is a craft. 
A good framer cares about framing art in order to protect and preserve it and to provide for it's longevity.  And most framers value and love (love!) beauty, good aesthetics and art and find it their mission to help you add that beauty to your home and your life simply by guiding you through the sometimes overwhelming world of wonderful choices. We're here to help you find that one choice that's just right for you and that you (and maybe your family) will love forever.
And that's why we framers like to invest in good, acid free materials, well-made mouldings, interesting classic or contemporary designs, a gentle treatment of your art and glass that helps shield your artwork from the damaging rays of the sun - and in doing things well!

I hope that, no matter what stage in your life you are in right now, you will help preserve (y)our history,  prints, paintings, photographs, plaques, wedding mementos, needle works, antique maps, etc. for many generations to come. And while you're doing that, we're here for you and in addition to that would like to add some sparkle, interest and color to your walls -  and maybe even provide you with a really great conversation piece!

Thanks for choosing us as your "creative partners in crime framing" & see you soon!


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