Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pooch Cards are coming

You might know by now that we LOVE well-made artisinal wares -- and how much we love animals! That's why we're SUPER excited to bring you POOCHCARDS this November!

"Dogs are arguably the most social creatures on earth, after all they befriended mankind and remain our most loyal followers. I created these cards for my dogs to be able to send greetings to their dog friends and today they have expanded to include people, who are just tired of ‘human holidays’ and are looking for something new to celebrate. Each card comes with a cheerful ribbon and memo on the reverse side for a special greeting, coordinating  mailing label with paper lined envelope and an embossed adhesive seal for closure." Bridget de Socio

(See, Titus is not the only canine who likes to send cards to his friends!)

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