Saturday, April 27, 2013

Aah: that Titus.

It's LLB's second anniversary, but who's been getting all of the attention?


Lately it's been ALL about Titus.

Titus is our chief style consultant and head of security at LLB.
He greets clients with a very (!) imposing "Woof!" (and some of even you get a "Woof-woof!")
and then he inspects you VERY-very carefully.

Stalking you throughout the store, he sniffs and snorts up every scent that lingers on your shoes, toes and pant legs. Dog smells are Mr. T's favorite, because (in case you did not know this yet and  I don't think he always realizes this) he is a dog -- and he LOVES other dogs. Small ones especially. He can sniff them out on you in 30 sec's. His tail starts going and his nose becomes ever so excited. Here goes the tail, back and forth, back and forth. 

At this point, you may look -- but you may not touch. He likes to tease.

Finally (yawn!) he graciously lets you pet him.


Once he is your friend, watch out. He can get VERY excited. 
And when he brings you his treasured stuffed bunny, you're really golden.

Well, he's made such a golden friend in local photographer Kay Taylor this year.
She is the magic eye behind his latest photographs and she coincidentally also met him through Facebook. They have a lot in common. They both love dressing up (dogs, that is), cupcakes and dachshunds, and they both love garden gnomes.

They are best friends now it seems.
Enough to make a mother jealous...

He sits for her like a little star.

He allows her to dress him up in frames....

... and VERY swanky eye wear...

(... and less swanky eye wear...)

... just like her own adorable dogs:

We have big plans for Titus. Stay tuned:)

And don't forget to visit his facebook page off and on, 
he loves new tall fur-less friends and he is always up to new shenanigans! 

See you soon!

xoxo TITUS
(and Beate)

PS: Kay is available to take photos of your dogs as well!
Contact me at LLB for details, or simply visit her website


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