Friday, May 16, 2014

Preserving your photos - memories well kept!

This morning, I found these gorgeous honeymoon photos from 1939 floating around in my Newsfeed.

In this age of never-ending seemingly replaceable digital imagery
and a very short attention span, it's worth stepping back and taking a moment to think.

We constantly bombard ourselves (or are bombarded) with new images of our family, friends, pets, landscapes, and more.

And what then? When we're done looking at those, we move on, hungry to see more. New. More. New. More. We file them away, and then....... we forget about them. They slide into a maze of folders in our computer or on some cloud far away.

These honeymoon photos, thought to be lost for the last 75 years, were recently found by the couple's grandson, Barney Britton, while cleaning out his grandmother's attic. They were shot in color -- a novelty at the time -- using 35mm Agfacolor film.

They had been printed and preserved and are now available for their family to enjoy (and share via the internet;) The point is: they were physically printed out, and even though they were believed to have been lost for a long time, they are now here for us to view as a part of history.

So, I guess what I am saying is: preserve your memories, treat them as if they really are special moments in your life, even if you are planning on having many more: you never know when you would like to look back!

And if you'd like to frame them to preserve them. we can help you with that too. The materials we use today are all archival and UV protective, so you can safely display those images without worrying about them fading over the years. Ad faded photos can be digitally restored and refreshed. (See link at the bottom of the page.)

 A gallery of favorite moments is a great way to share something about yourself with your friends, and to make you remember why you love your family or take a journey through some great times or trips.

This is a triptych of my mother, myself and my grandmother I framed a few years ago, it hangs over my desk, and it brings back so many memories for me on a daily basis.
(And as you can see, Dachshunds run in the family.)

If you are interested in the rest of the gorgeous English honeymoon photos mentioned, click here:

Have a great day, start digging through those boxes of photos, 
& see you soon!


PS: I love C-Ville's  Stubblefield Photo Lab for my photo needs!

La Linea Bella ! via the Huff Post on May 16th, 2014

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