Saturday, September 13, 2014

Radiant Orchid, say adieu!

While you may have great difficulty convincing Titus that his favorite bow tie in the color RADIANT ORCHID will no longer be en vogue in 2015 ("Whaat?"),  we are excited about some of the new colors that are on the horizon:

Warmer, more earthy and slightly more calming, these colors can also add 
some drama to your walls when paired with cool metallic tones and crisp whites.

Roma's GIANNI is a modern shaped metallic float frame with a waxed 
antiqued finish that combines the best of both worlds.

Black frames remain a favorite, and there are some exciting finishes and 
patterns to choose from, so they don't have to be boring or flat.

And of course white lacquers add a pop of freshness and light whenever needed
 and can really make your wall color stand out.

 And, if you are as much in love with purple as Titus and I are, you can mix with a vibrant earth tone to add some warmth and life to it.

Luckily for Titus, who is a fan of young, strong, fresh colors, 
retro 60's graphic and tribal  patterns remain popular as well.

And we do have some great mouldings to choose from when it comes to complementing
 those bright patterns:

These are Larson Juhl's eye-popping TAFFY frames.

For some more really fun and unusual mod ideas, 

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